Jorge Zalszupin

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“Wood is feminine; if you shape it creatively, it is generous and responds with sensuality.”
Jorge Zalszupin has had a prolific design career in Brazil. Born in Warsaw, he studied art and architecture before deciding to leave Europe while he was working to rebuild France after the destruction of World War II.

“A light came on in my head and I quickly decided I was going to emigrate, and emigrate far from Europe, impoverished by constant wars, content in its past and against any sort of progress, since all the glories pertained to the past.”

Upon arriving in Brazil, Zalszupin quickly learned Portuguese and started working for an architect designing modern homes.  Clients kept asking what furniture to put in these new houses, so the architects started designing furniture to go with their houses.  There was such a high demand for his furniture that Zalszupin soon opened his own company to produce his designs.  His most iconic designs utilize jacaranda over a bent wood frame. Below are some of the beautiful Zalszupin pieces Adesso Imports has for sale.

Paulistana Chair and Ottoman

Onda Bench

Petalas Coffee Table

Jacaranda Dining Chairs

Presidencial Chairs

102 Bench

Ouro Preto Chairs

Square Andorinha Coffee Table

Lounge Chairs



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